"Startups give us the speed we need"

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Deutsche Telekom is increasingly partnering with startups, to capture new business areas in the Internet of Things

Start up

As the upcoming CEBIT computer trade fair in Hanover shows, startups from this area are in high demand. Starting June 11, the scale11 meeting will once again be the place for Europe's hottest startups to meet. And with good reason: According to an IDG study, 31 percent of Germany's companies fear of being overtaken by startups with IoT technology.

"With the right nose and a foot in the market"

Deutsche Telekom and T-Systems, the Group's business customer arm, have drawn inspiration from young company founders for many years now. Partnerships with startups like Spearhead, 1NCE, relayr, and Axonize provide fresh ideas, while in return the company founders benefit from the telco's experience. Anette Bronder, head of Deutsche Telekom's digital business: "From the business perspective, speed is the primary factor today. Startups bring the very speed that large corporations often lack, making them important drivers for digitalization. Particularly where growth topics like the IoT and cloud computing are involved, young companies usually have the right nose and a foot in the market first."

"Expertise and a trustworthy brand"

At the same time, Deutsche Telekom can be a strong strategic partner for the young companies, emphasizes Thomas Kicker, SVP Group Partnering and Business Development at Deutsche Telekom: "We offer the best connectivity, technological expertise, some 160 million customers worldwide, distribution capacity, and a trustworthy brand."

Why Deutsche Telekom partners

IoT startups like Spearhead, 1NCE, relayr, and Axonize are already profiting. And hub:raum, Deutsche Telekom's startup incubator, is on the lookout once again, for startups in the areas smart city, Industry 4.0, and wearables.

For more about the hot topics in the startup scene and why Deutsche Telekom is increasingly partnering with these young companies, read the interview with Anette Bronder and Thomas Kicker.

Interview Anette Bronder and Thomas Kicker

Drivers for digitalization

Startups play a key role for Deutsche Telekom. We spoke about them with Deutsche Telekom managers Anette Bronder and Thomas Kicker.