Verena Fulde


„Concept Level“ - modular system with clean design

Last week, Jonathan Abrahamson announced that Deutsche Telekom would present its vision for the router of the future at the MWC2024. "Concept T" uses three design studies to illustrate how new technologies could merge with a classic router. With this, we lift the veil a little and present one of the three variants: The modular "Concept Level" system.

The image shows the different moduls of “Concept Level”

A base with conventional router functions can be supplemented with other elements and thus enables a tailor-made setup. On request, customers can book additional functionalities according to their individual wishes and needs: 

  • The cylindrical module with display, for example, includes an interactive AI voice assistant and also offers smart home control.
  • A cone module provides Wi-Fi sensing with room monitoring for home security functions such as front door monitoring or a burglary alert. A fall sensor or heart rate monitoring is not only useful for the protection of the elderly. In the event of a household emergency, family members or a doctor will automatically receive a notification. 
  • The flat Web 3 module serves as a digital wallet for cryptocurrencies or the secure storage of NFTs. During use, it generates "magenta tokens" that can be redeemed as vouchers for upgrades, for example. 
  • And the spherical mesh module ensures perfect connectivity. It can strengthen the connection wherever a particularly good WiFi supply is needed.

The individual modules are supplied with contactless power via WiFi charging, so that they can also be operated separately from the basic module. The freed-up areas of the base module can be used to wirelessly charge other devices such as smartphones or smartwatches. 

View of Deutsche Telekoms stall at MWC 2024 with slogan "Connecting your world".

Mobile World Congress

From February 26 to 29, 2024, DT presents innovations at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.