Dennis Nikles takes over Deutsche Telekom's IoT business as of April 1, 2021

Dennis Nikles is the new Managing Director of Deutsche Telekom IoT GmbH (DT IoT). From April 1, he will be responsible for Deutsche Telekom's entire IoT business - from production to technology, sales and operations.

Dennis Nikles

Dennis Nikles brings two decades of experience in the ICT industry and in the IoT business. He has been responsible for IoT Global Sales & Commercial within the Group since 2017. During this time, the IoT business has developed into a strategic pillar for Deutsche Telekom.

As the new Managing Director of DT IoT, Dennis Nikles will focus on making it easier for companies to access and implement IoT solutions. The added value that IoT brings has to be made available to customers faster and more effectively.  To achieve this, DT IoT is working with strong partners to bring together all the elements of the Internet of Things: connectivity, devices, cloud services and applications for data analysis. "We simplify IoT for our customers and thus accelerate the digital transformation of many companies," says Nikles. "With the Internet of Things, our customers optimize or automate their business processes. They establish new business models and thus create value for their company. The basis of every IoT application is a high-performance, stable and global network. This is exactly Deutsche Telekom's core competence." 

Rami Avidan was responsible for carving out the IoT business into an independent limited liability company last year. He is leaving the company at his own request.

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The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) links physical objects to the virtual world, with devices and machines connected to the internet.