Verena Fulde


Design & Customer Experience at Deutsche Telekom

The Design & Customer Experience team is part of the Innovation of Deutsche Telekom. They innovate through design. This means they are at the forefront of new business and product development.

Lead by Monica Dalla Riva the design team is truly international , working from four different locations in Europe: Barcelona, Berlin, Bonn and Milano. 

They are an international group of professionals who excel at what they do: product+service design, UI, UX, data sciences, app+web, game design and all the grey areas in between. The products and services, that they develop are used by millions of people. So their digital solutions have an actual impact of people’s lives. 

They are working on topics like AR packaging, a new range of routers, DT’s smart speaker, and many more. And received over 240 design awards worldwide.

If you also want to become a part of it: We are looking for a special kind of talent:

  • The talent that breeds ideas and shares them because together things come out better.
  • The talent that taps into competence because the world is too complex to stop learning.
  • The talent that connects people because the stand-alone genius is a thing of the past (and achieving results together is so much fun).
  • The talent that gathers consent because assertiveness is often the difference between a good idea and a good product.

If you are a designer looking for a new challenge don’t hesitate to contact us or see more information on

T Gallery - understanding and representing customer experiences

In the T Gallery at the Group’s headquarters in Bonn. their - existing and future - ideas become tangible. Inspiring, encouraging dialogue and flexible, in order to constantly adapt to change. And, of course, always with a focus on people and their needs. The Gallery turns the strategy of Deutsche Telekom into a tangible vision. This innovative space is about understanding and representing customer experiences, collaboration and the way people connect − today and in the future. 

The T Gallery is Telekom’s vision of a lifestyle where everything can be connected – in real-life and digitally. To make it tangible, it combines current and future technologies over an area of more than 1,500 square meters. The live demonstrations there are the result of 15 years of intensive collaboration with the B2B, B2C and strategy experts, who represent all areas of the company. A user-friendly space, set up like a home, where everyone can experience the future today. 


Here we work on our innovations

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