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Deutsche Telekom best B2B internet provider in Germany

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As confirmed by Connect magazine’s latest customer barometer, Deutsche Telekom is the best internet provider for business customers in Germany.


B2B customers vote Telekom number 1 among Internet providers

Deutsche Telekom is the overall winner of the study looking into B2B internet from the customer perspective. Not only that, DT also came top in three individual categories:  Hardware and software, brand/provider, and network. As a result, the magenta brand is leading the way in three out of four categories.

A reliable network and secure data transmission are essential, especially in times of crisis such as the corona pandemic. These characteristics play a decisive role in ensuring that operations continue, even in difficult conditions. “The feedback from the customers shows that our networks and solutions are resilient to the pandemic”, clarifies Hagen Rickmann, Director for Business Customers at Telekom Deutschland. The majority of Deutsche Telekom customers want to remain with their service provider.

Repeat of last year’s victory

DT was the winner of Connect magazine’s customer barometer in 2020. For this year’s service test, the magazine first surveyed 2,322 customers from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, of which 1,500 were in Germany. Together with the publisher’s own institute for technology issues (Institut für Technikthemen, “FiFT”), the magazine then transferred the results into a survey and assessed them on a neutral basis.

The basis for this assessment is a valuation model for customer satisfaction using a 5-level grading system from very good to very poor. The final result comprises of all ratings from all categories.



DT invests several billion euros every year in building networks.