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Digital Crime - When Words Become Weapons

Real incidents of online hate will be in the center of the six podcast episodes of our newest season of Digital Crime – learn what each of us can do against it. People affected by hate and experts have their say - startling, exciting and informative.

The first episode of the new Digital Crime season is about Jay and about experts who resolve the question on what legal limitation are and what you must endure. 


You remember Jay? Jay, the young man who was not born a man and whom you met in the spot. Seen millions of times in the media in #TAKEPART - No Hatespeech - now you meet him again! 

He is active on Instagram to encourage people with his story. At the same time, he wants to inform about the topic of transgender, dissolve reservations. But not everyone can handle his open way. 

Time and again, Jay becomes a target in public. The scene of the crime is not only the street of his hometown, especially in the digital world he faces a lot of hate. He receives comments like "You're disgusting" or "Isn't your family ashamed?" and worse. From strangers as well as from people who know him personally. 

The internet is not a legal vacuum

Daniela Rothermundt, a prosecutor at the Göttingen Office for Combating Hate Crime on the Internet, knows the answer. Her daily business is the legal prosecution of hate speech: How can those affected defend themselves? Where is the boundary between freedom of expression and criminal offense? And: how do you file a police report, and does it make any difference?

The experts Anja Zalewski and Christine Rößler from Telekom Security's Public Safety team also discuss the legal situation. You didn't know there was a department like this in Telekom? 

"Digital Crime - When Words Become Weapons" is part of #TAKEPART - No Hatespeech

Digital Crime

Digital Crime

Telekom is fighting for an internet in which everyone treats each other with respect and based on democratic values. Since the campaign was launched in July 2020, it has reached millions of people - including the TV spot featuring Jay. Telekom is not alone in its fight. The company is supported by 44 partners on its side. Some of them get the chance to speak in the podcast series. 

"Crime podcasts offer the opportunity to tell stories in a completely different way and to complement them with well-researched background information. It's incredible how a jigsaw puzzle of original sound bites and info can be turned into an evocative podcast," says Barbara Costanzo, responsible for Social Engagement at Telekom. "I'm particularly happy that those who reveal a lot about themselves are enthusiastic about the result. From conception to editing, our mantra accompanied us: words must not become weapons!" 

Each episode tells a new and unfortunately true story

Curious now? Then get the first episode "Digital Crime" and subscribe to the series, available in German and on all known streaming platforms. 

The current season consists of a total of four episodes - always published on the last Sunday of the month. In each episode, we look at the topic of online hate from a new perspective. In the second episode Julia will tell her story on "Hatespeech against women”.

Nomination Digital Crime

Digital Crime

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