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"The future belongs to the eSIM card." The 'e' in eSIM doesn't just stand for 'embedded' – indicating a card now fully incorporated in the device containing it. It also stands for 'easy'.

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The future belongs to the eSIM card.

There’s a new acronym containing just four letters, but also containing the potential to revolutionize mobile communications – eSIM! Smaller than a one-cent coin, this successor to the familiar little plastic chip card that preceded it, contains all the relevant customer's pricing information. At the end of last year GSMA, the international body representing mobile operators, ublished its final eSIM standard. Now we will soon be seeing the first standardized eSIM devices hitting store shelves. To achieve this, we made sure that we were a strong voice in the GSMA over the last few years, took part in extensive debate on the issue, and refused to be discouraged by the odd setback that we faced on the way.

More flexibility

The 'e' in eSIM doesn't just stand for 'embedded' – indicating that the new card is fully incorporated in the device containing it. It also stands for 'easy'. It will do away with the need to fumble open the SIM slot on your smartphone or tablet PC using the point of a paperclip. The eSIM is a tiny chip that is firmly embedded in the device. All users have to do is to load their SIM profile onto the device and activate it. The eSIM thus gives customers much more flexibility, enabling them to connect to the net using their eSIM devices at any time – on the fly and whenever needed, whether the device is a tablet PC, smartwatch, fitness tracker or car.


Simple solutions for customers

Several profiles can be stored on an eSIM concurrently, but only one will be active at any given time. As a result, mobile number portability will continue to work just as it does today, but will become even more convenient, requiring only a couple of clicks from the user. Term contract arrangements in which devices purchases are subsidized will of course continue into the future. And, of course, customers will be able to switch the rate and/or profile under which they use their devices whenever it suits them. If a customer wants to pass their smartphone on to a member of the family, all they need to do is delete their eSIM profile and reactivate the device under a different contract. Deutsche Telekom will take advantage of this new eSIM world to create simple solutions for customers, for the benefit of those customers.

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