Easy and simple

Easy and simple

What is a AI, a digital twin or voicification? Complex subjects explained simply.

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Optical fiber.


Fiber optics

Fiber optics transports large amounts of data in very short times and is the technology of the future in telecommunications.

A technician cuts individual optical fibers using pliers.


Fiber-optic cable as the optical waveguide for fast internet

How is a fiber-optic cable structured? How do optical waveguides work? How are optical waveguide cables laid? Learn more about fiber-optic lines here.

Illustration: Robot with a book


What is Generative Artificial Intelligence?

We explain Artificial Intelligence (AI) simply. And in this case, "we" includes the AI, because it had a hand in it.

 A man with a signpost saying "Digital X".


Easy and simple: Digital X

A festival of digitization, for entrepreneurs - and everyone else, too. A city as a future trade fair. Two days in Cologne on September 20 and 21, 2023 - that's Digital X.

A light bulb is on the floor and plants grow on stacked coins.


Easy and Simply: Sustainability for companies

Companies not only have to meet regulatory requirements. They also have to take over ecological and social responsibility.

What is quantum mechanics? It is the physics of the smallest parts.


Quantum Computing

A quantum computer achieves significantly more computing power with qubits than a supercomputer with bits. How this works, simply explained.

In the data center. Many server cabinets and a person with motion blur.


Easy and simple: Cloudification

Cloud, Cloudification - Cloud? Huh? What's behind it is really exciting. Read here what it has to do with the Deutsche Telekom network.

Communication between antenna system and satellite


Easy and simple: Networks with no limit

All good things come from above: Deutsche Telekom plans to expand its network into space.

A waiter holds a tray with appetisers.


Easily explained: Network APIs

APIs are standard in IT, but not yet on networks. Deutsche Telekom will provide these useful interfaces in the future. You can find out exactly what they are for here.


Easy and simple: RDK-B

Behind the scenes, Deutsche Telekom is turning its router development around for its customers. We explain what the abbreviation RDK-B has to do with it.

Digital identity: What is it?


Digital identity: What is it?

Standards for digital identities could help to securely accompany the digitization of society.

Deutsche Telekom and Blockchain Technology


Blockchain technology simply explained

Learn more about blockchain technology and how the Open Telekom Cloud makes the technology secure and sustainable.

Green network from Deutsche Telekom.


Green network

More sustainable surfing and phone calls.



Sustainability and climate neutrality

This is how Deutsche Telekom assumes responsibility.

Kids with magenta T


Sustainable devices and packaging

DT's products and packaging are thus becoming increasingly sustainable.

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