Easy and simple: Voicification

Farewell to apps, remote control and keyboard: voice control is one of the major trends of our time. Companies are increasingly offering customers the option of operating products and services by voice command.

Man in shower

Voice control in any everyday situation? Now shower heads are already taking orders.

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas makes headlines every year at the beginning of January with the latest gadgets. This time on show: the Alexa shower head. Shopping under the shower head by voice command, regulating the water pressure or operating other devices, calling up the weather forecast and favourite music ... - the example shows: it doesn't seem funny anymore to not only sing alone under the shower, but also to give commands. It becomes normal to talk to things.

Keep hands free

Already 34.3 percent of German Internet users already use digital voice assistants, and the trend is rising: another 14.8 percent plan to try this out. This was the result of a representative study in autumn 2019. The Society for Consumer Research (GfK) had investigated whether and how consumers use language assistants. The study identified the desire to have their hands free as the most important motivation.

One thing is certain: One of the major trends of our time is the use of speech to interact with technical devices and services. Daily things like operating the intelligent home or searching for and finding a favorite movie to watch are becoming much easier. Voice-controlled access to favourite services makes life easier.

Using data transparently

Companies like Telekom are working to ensure that customers can control products and services using their own language. Experts believe that voice-controlled services can significantly increase user convenience and customer satisfaction. An example from the world of Deutsche Telekom? Let's stay with remote control. Imagine you come home and say to your Magenta speaker: "I want to continue my TV series from yesterday on MagentaTV. The series then begins at the point where you stopped looking. In this situation, of course, other telecom services can also be linked. For example, the Smart Speaker simultaneously dims the light to create a cosy atmosphere for a perfect evening of television.

What about people's privacy in all this? The development of a voice platform requires the handling and interpretation of sensitive data. As far as Deutsche Telekom is concerned: The company wants to offer European consumers alternatives that meet the strict data protection standards under European law.