Easy and simple - Machine to Machine

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An automatic refreshments dispenser senses that it needs to be restocked and reports its status to a computer, which in turn sets up a new delivery for the device – the way machines exchange information in this way is referred to as machine-to-machine communication, or M2M for short.


Up to two billion objects are expected to be M2M connected by the year 2020.

It is one of the largest growth markets of our time. Up to two billion objects are expected to be M2M connected by the year 2020.  M2M describes the largely automatic exchange of data between devices. The phenomenon opens up new opportunities both for business and for our private lives.

Internet of Things

The associated process of networking devices into the world around them is referred to as the Internet of Things (or IoT for short). M2M involves the use of both information and communication technologies. Every M2M solution will contain four main steps:

  1. Recording data using sensors.
  2. Transferring such data to a central server using mobile or fixed network telecommunication connections, or alternative networks such as NarrowBand IoT or Low Power Wide Area Networks (NB-IoT/LPWAN).
  3. Processing the data and
  4. Triggering an appropriate intelligent response.



We make things talk"

M2M SIM cards are managed and service processes are controlled using M2M platforms. Such systems allow users to access the entire infrastructure of a particular solution, along with all its downstream processes conveniently at a central point.

Following the principle "We make things talk", Deutsche Telekom's M2M solutions enable machines, sensors and vehicles to communicate with each other or with a central data processing platform in all business sectors from healthcare through industrial automation and logistics to energy, not to mention in the public sector.

Symbol picture Networking

Special Internet of Things

The Internet of things becomes part of our everyday life.