Easy and simple: Campus network

Campus networks are customized mobile networks for industry. They allow machines and processes to be networked without delay.

Easy & simple: Campus network

Campus networks are custom mobile networks for the industry.

A campus network is an exclusive mobile communications network for a defined local company site, a university or individual buildings, tailored to the individual needs of the users. Campus networks are available as a combination of the public mobile communications network and a private network. Both networks jointly cover a defined campus area. The private network is not accessible from outside. This means that the capacity of the campus network is exclusively available to the customer at all times. Another reliable feature of campus networks is the time within which the network responds, i.e., the so-called latency or response times in the network. For example, machines can communicate with each other or with a data center without delay. Because of the low latency, vehicles can also move autonomously across company premises with the help of sensors.

Due to the parallel supply of the campus with the public mobile network, external applications are also easily possible on the campus, such as the remote maintenance of machines by the manufacturing company.

There are also purely private campus networks based on 5G standalone technology (5G SA). This is the next development stage of the 5G mobile communications standard. These campus networks operate completely separately from the public mobile network: all components of the infrastructure from the antennas to the core network to the network server are located locally on the customer's premises. This self-contained private 5G architecture of "short paths" enables particularly simple, secure and fast data processing. It is best suited to support particularly demanding and security-critical applications. 

Other advantages of campus networks: strong data security, fast data transmission and high reliability. Features that are indispensable for digitized production sites.