Easy and simple - Internet of things

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Smart trashcans, connected paving stones, cars that communicate with one another, even some toothbrushes are already connected together today.  And in the future almost everything is set to be connected to the Internet.


However, the Internet of Things involves more than simply transferring such data over the Internet.

Market researchers reckon that by 2020 more than 25 billion objects, including cars, washing machines, trashcans and even complete industrial plants will be networked over the Internet. They will be reporting on everything from whether they're loaded with washing powder to when wearing parts are about to break, and much, much more.  

A multitude of new ideas

However, the Internet of Things (IoT) involves more than simply transferring such data over the Internet. It involves the intensive networking of as many things as possible with one another, thus including a huge amount of data whose benefit to people's daily lives is only revealed through such intelligent connections between objects. That process produces a multitude of new ideas and business opportunities, some of which are not yet clear from the perspective of today.


This saves time and money

Steam plant manufacturer Certuss, for example, networks its steam generators and analyzes the data thus produced to plan its maintenance work. The information means that service crews no longer need to make service calls at regular defined intervals, traveling to the customer only when maintenance is really required. This saves the company time and money. The steam from Certuss rapid steam generators is used to operate laundries for medical facilities, cook food, clean transport containers, manufacture ready meals and preserves and air condition manufacturing plants.

Trustworthy partner in the digital revolution

The development of the approach "digitize everything that can be digitized" is set to produce a veritable explosion in quantities of data. The volume of data on the Internet doubles every two years. By 2020, mobile data traffic will be 150 times the scale it was in 2010.  Such dramatic figures begin to reveal the potential of the Internet of Things. The foundation for the new digital solutions now being created in the industry is provided by fast networks, high-performance cloud platforms and reliable data analysis tools. Deutsche Telekom offers all of these elements from a single source and for that very reason has become a trustworthy partner in the digital revolution for our customers.

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Internet of Things

The Internet of things becomes part of our everyday life.