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Appreciated passenger: the trucker's tracker

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Great freedom in the cab? Not at all. Always the highest concentration. Always under time pressure. Too often traffic jams. In addition, the dispatcher's calls: "Where are you? When are you with the customer?" That is not necessary. GPS tracking helps drivers behind the wheel and schedulers in the office to plan optimal routes, satisfy customers and save costs.

Dispatcher at his desk.

"We need to know where our vehicles are all the time." The customer determines the day-to-day business of Dirk Steinbrecher, dispatching, at the freight forwarder DM-Services. From Bad Hersfeld, the company supplies customers throughout Germany overnight in less than 24 hours. The logistics provider also offers special trips with delivery within 60 minutes.

"All day long, we try to reach our drivers. On the one hand, I make the driver nervous when I call every ten minutes asking him when he will be there. On the other hand, I can pass on information directly when the customer calls," this is how the dispatching sums up the problems. The company was looking for a real-time solution to locate their vehicles. It was also important to be able to assign incoming trips more quickly.

Drive & Track powered by Fleet Complete enables freight forwarders to manage their fleets via a cloud-based platform. The same goes for the goods and their employees on the roads. They benefit from detailed driving analyses, automated reports and optimized route guidance.

Detailed driving analyses

DM-Services uses tracker tracking for twelve vehicles of the total of 30 trucks. They use dongles as well as fixed telematics units. The dongle can be integrated into different vehicles without assembly. It locates the car practically in real time and can provide information on driving behavior. After all, careful handling of the vehicle prevents wear, whereas excessive speed leads to increased fuel consumption. The tracker is connected to the vehicle electronics. The fixed telematics units can also be used to read out engine data and speedometer data. These allow important analyses such as possible maintenance requirements.

The recorded vehicle data is fed into the Drive & Track portal in a clear graphic representation. It can be easily evaluated and further used. The fleet manager receives a tool for transparency: he knows the location of the vehicles, fuel and maintenance costs and private use. He has an overview of the operating times and the availability of the drivers. The monitoring of working times is important in order to comply with the statutory minimum wages. The dispatcher can calculate the performance of his fleet.

"If the cars run day and night, the savings are so significant, it's actually an obligatory thing to have." Everyone is satisfied: The figures are right. The dispatcher is at any time in a position to provide information in a customer-focused way. And the colleague in the cab may enjoy a touch of freedom after all.

Increase productivity in the transport and logistics industry - how it works
A black box displays the location, movement and travel time of a vehicle on a cloud-based platform. This online-portal contains functions for route planning and navigation. From data such as speed, engine revolutions or fuel consumption the platform generates detailed analysis reports. Braking behavior or acceleration, working hours, distance and consumption are automatically recorded. The planner can predefine warnings for specific threshold values. Proactive vehicle maintenance based on mileage is possible.

Drive & Track is scalable for operations with small, medium or large fleets.

Drive & Track
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