Martina Hammer


Improving cities in passing

We regularly encounter potholes on the roads. Overgrown, dirty or damaged traffic signs. Faded road markings. Wild garbage dumps on the side of the road. Raised sidewalk slabs are also a nuisance and a source of danger. Recording, reporting and rectifying defects often takes time. An intelligent solution from Remondis, Rebotnix and Deutsche Telekom makes it possible to quickly record defects in traffic signs. Several municipalities are already using the application.

The Remondis Group collects and transports around 30 million tons of recyclable materials every year. Thousands of waste collection vehicles regularly travel the streets of many cities and rural districts. Cameras in the vehicles record the road environment. Remondis and Deutsche Telekom’s subsidiary T-Systems MMS bundle this image data into an intelligent solution for cities and communities. 

Locating wild waste deposits and contributing to road safety at the same time 

The "DataFleet" solution supports municipalities in detecting defects in the road environment. To do this, it uses optical sensor technology and artificial intelligence developed by Rebotnix. Cameras in Remondis' waste collection vehicles capture images: They transmit the data in coded form to the Microsoft Azure Cloud. DataFleet links the image data of the respective location with a road map. Deutsche Telekom developed a graphical user interface showing all important information at a glance. 

Remondis makes this service available to municipalities. Their employees access it online. They use remote diagnostics to assess the condition of the traffic signs. Necessary repairs, cleaning or the removal of vegetation can be better planned. DataFleet enables defects to be rectified quickly and in a targeted manner. This increases road safety. Road traffic authorities reduce their own inspection trips. The cost of maintenance is reduced, as it can now be carried out as required. This saves time and money. And the environment is relieved.

DataFleet is a scalable cloud application. The solution collects information about the condition of traffic signs automatically and on demand. In compliance with data protection laws, of course. The cloud stores and manages the image data. DataFleet can be tailored to individual business processes and offers a high degree of flexibility. Users put together the programs and services they need themselves. Test environments can be set up at short notice.

Priorities are changing. Much of what was once a choice is now a duty.

Smart business

The global economic crisis is accelerating existing trends. Yesterday's decisions are today's commandments.