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Telekom promotes an open and honest culture in the workplace and wants all employees to be able to be themselves.

That is why there is now the Transgender Handbook (pdf, 890.1 KB), which supports an inclusive workplace as described in the Telekom VC&E Group Policy.


The handbook is intended for everyone and offers help with questions such as "What support is there with regard to transition, coming out and fundamental changes at work?" and "What can I do if discrimination is experienced or observed?" At the same time, the manual is also a source of inspiration for all employees who want to learn more about the topic or provide support.

Transition is a process that begins with a deeply personal decision that may have been made years ago or suppressed for years. Creating a safe and supportive work environment is key. This is the only way everyone can develop their potential and work together effectively. The Transgender Handbook is a further step in living diversity and inclusion as a corporate culture.

Birgit Bohle, Board member for Human Resources and Legal Affairs, Labor Director

Diversity Guideline and Campaign Connected As One

An article by Birgit Bohle, Board member for Human Resources and Legal Affairs, Labor Director.