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Smart solution wins first prize for safe shopping!

With its access control light system, Deutsche Telekom came first in the occupational health and safety category of the German Ideas Management Prize. The German Ideas Management Prize (German only) honors companies and people who are role models when it comes to ideas management.

First prize for the people counter

First prize for the people counter. © The German Institute for Ideas and Innovation Management

Generally speaking, ideas management plays an important role at Deutsche Telekom. But particularly creative solutions are needed in these special times. During the first wave of the pandemic, Jürgen Küderle and Marco Fiene from Deutsche Telekom Geschäftskunden-Vertrieb GmbH submitted their idea for companies to ensure safe access management.  Whether hardware stores, canteens, supermarkets, or the bank, the access control light system helps companies to comply with the current distancing rules in facilities and stores. A simple, inexpensive solution. Installed quickly and easily. Suitable for all sectors with walk-in customers. Not only that, the customers feel safe – priceless in these uncertain times.  

The German Institute for Ideas and Innovation Management (German only) honored the idea for the access control light system by declaring it the winner in the occupational health and safety category. The Germany-wide competition is the highest honor for ideas management in the whole of Germany. All submissions are assessed by an independent specialist jury with a theoretical or practical background. The assessment criteria are even connected to the Agenda 2030 targets. 

The access control light system has now been successfully introduced in several sectors. Even though the People Counter is a standard solution, it can be tailored to the specific conditions in a store or public facility. It can monitor one or more entrances and exits, making it a compelling option for all sectors with walk-in customers. The IoT (Internet of Things) solution consists of two pillars located on the right and left next to the door. Every time a customer enters or leaves the store, sensors reliably detect this traffic. A light barrier connects the two pillars, which are simply plugged into a standard power socket. Where customers ignore the traffic lights, an acoustic warning sounds in the store and an alarm is forwarded centrally to the Deutsche Telekom IoT platform Cloud of Things using the built-in mobile connection, which then alerts a member of staff. The system records visitor numbers accurately and verifiably via the Cloud of Things and documents these numbers digitally. Apart from reliable access control management, the solution can also record and analyze other useful visitor flow data. 

Priorities are changing. Much of what was once a choice is now a duty.

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