Roman Ahrens

Telekom InstaWalk: Telekom Baskets at first-hand

For most spectators, a visit to the Telekom Baskets Bonn is just a spectacle they experience from the stands. But how it looks like behind the scenes of the Telekom Domes, the home ground of the Baskets, experienced only a few - such as the participants of our Telekom InstaWalk.

Ein Selfie mit dem heimlichen Star der Telekom Baskets: dem Maskottchen Bonnie.

A group photo with the secret star of Telekom Baskets: mascot Bonnie.

Visiting the Hardtberg was an explicit wish of our Instagram community. After the last InstaWalk in Berlin exploring the TV tower, the initiators of the Walk, Michaela Kühn and Stephanie Tönjes, asked, which closed Telekom doors should be opened next by an InstaWalk for a handful of participants. And that is exactly the idea behind the InstaWalks.
15 participants, equipped with cameras, smartphones and a tightly filled InstaWalk gym bag, were allowed to look into the sacred halls of the Telekom Dome – taking pictures was highly welcome! Thanks to Hans Günther Roesberg, responsible for events at the Dome and the technology behind, there were plenty of photo opportunities that found their way to Instagram using the hashtags #telekomdoors, #igerstelekom and #BasketsSpirit.

The baskets veteran showed the Instawalkers his approximately 13 million euro "living room" and opened the doors along the long and winding corridors in the catacombs between press room and doping control. After the large training center and the office, the group went on to the inner sanctum of the Dome: the cabin.
In this place, which usually is only entered from physio, team supervisor and players, the character of the InstaWalk became particularly clear - this also showed the many, many photos that were shot here.
Shortly before the match against Bayern Munich, the locker room was not "military clean" as the blackboard on the wall demanded, but it was even more authentic. Especially when Martin Breunig, TJ DiLeo and Co. scurried through the scene - stars to touch.

Along the oversized barrels used for ice baths for regeneration, the walkcontinued into the interior of the hall, where the Baskets dance team was already preparing for its performance . Here, in the "most beautiful hall of the league”, according to Roesberg ", not only selfies were shot at the player's bank, but also the obligatory group photo was taken.
As much as there was to discover in the Dome, the Instawalker had to hurry to take their seats just in time for Tippoff. Prior to this, packed in tightly, they had a glimpse into the production room, from where the LED walls, the scoreboard and the music are controlled, into the broadcasting van and from the sidelines before the beginning of the match when Coach Predrag Krunic gave an interview.
Before we went on the grandstand, there was the opportunity to take a photo with the real star of the day. No, not one of the players, but a shaggy lion made the faces shine. Of course, Bonnie, the Baskets' mascot, is not just any lion ;) 

Of course, we will open more doors in the future to exclusive locations of Deutsche Telekom, which are normally closed to visitors. Further Telekom InstaWalks are already in planning, so stay curious. On our Instagram account and on our corporate website you will learn more soon!