Klaus vom Hofe


"Break new Ground": Metaverse sends its regards

"The metaverse is coming - and it's going to be big": The motto was the program. At the "Break New Ground" innovation conference, Deutsche Telekom partner companies and start-ups presented their solutions for the era when the Internet and reality merge.

Take a stroll through a museum with friends who are far away? Or immerse yourself in a live concert? Show others how the machines work by means of a digital twin of the factory floor? What will the Metaverse make happen? Just as with "cyberspace" in 1996, there is no general definition for it. It is also unknown where it will lead. One thing is certain: The metaverse will be an equally important concept as the Internet. It will influence businesses and consumers in the coming years. So-called "XR technologies" have evolved to support Metaverse experiences. XR is a catch-all term for Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), among others. The former adds additional images, videos, graphics and text to reality, perceived through special glasses or a cell phone. Virtual Reality brings us into a completely different, computer-created world. "Break New Ground" offered examples of both - and more.



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