Trust each other blindly

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Under the guidance of blind soccer player Daniel Hoß and seeing trainer Birk Gebauer, the baskets had a whole new sporting experience. And with a lot of fun. With opaque glasses the 16 basketball players started into different games and confidence exercises. Exercising sport in complete darkness is a big challenge for every single athlete. You have to trust each other blindly.

Blind Soccer

Trust each other blindly.

"A great experience"

During the exercises the players could only communicate with language and body contact. Gradually, the team became more courageous. During the soccer match, however, there were many stumbling blocks and ball losses - and above all a lot of laughter. Even light dribbling exercises or goal shots demanded a lot from the Baskets. Despite loud signals like "voy, voy voy", the players had a hard time finding their way around. Every player who approaches his colleague with the ball announces himself with the Spanish word "voy" ("I'm coming"). It was good that the basketball players were equipped with head protection. Larger collisions of the teammates were avoided. 

When the players left the hall, the result of the training session was clear: Great respect and recognition for the performance of the visually impaired athletes. "A great experience," concludes Bonn Point Guard Joshiko Saibou.