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Viva Telekom Magenta

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As if we hadn't known it all along: magenta is the trend color for 2023, and it stands for participation and optimism.

The global color institute Pantone has announced its trend color for the coming year. It's “Viva Magenta”. What a beautiful name. Admittedly, "Viva Magenta" doesn't quite match the shade of Telekom Magenta. But that's just as well, because the corporate color is a protected and exclusive brand. Nevertheless, Telekom is happy to join the trend, which it has been living for over 30 years in its communications.

Telekom Magenta

Since 1991, Deutsche Telekom has invested in its corporate logo and corporate color with every communication. © Deutsche Telekom

"Viva Magenta”, according to Pantone, is a color that is bold, full of wit and appeals to and includes everyone. It's as if the laudation was written for Telekom Magenta. Because the color mark and brand promise merge in a meaningful correlation. Deutsche Telekom's brand purpose is: We won't stop until everyone is connected. In other words, the quality and strength of its networks and its expertise in digital technologies should benefit everyone - always with the aim of enriching people's lives.

Pantone describes "Viva Magenta" as a color with verve. A hue that expresses a signal of strength. Undoubtedly an indication of the difficult times that may lie behind and even ahead of us, the institute describes the trend color as bold and fearlessly vibrant - perfectly suited to lead us into the new year and toward brighter horizons. At Telekom, that means assuming responsibility for the society and supporting digital optimism. This is what the T and Telekom Magenta have reliably stood for over many years.

Since 1991, Deutsche Telekom has invested in its corporate logo and corporate color with every communication. The T and Telekom Magenta stand for the company and its products and services. Anyone who sees the logo and color mark knows that Telekom stands behind it. Only a few companies in the world are so clearly associated with one color. Telekom and its products and services are recognized more clearly and quickly via the magenta color brand, and its communications are better remembered - even beyond the industry environment.
2023 will be the "Viva Magenta" year according to Pantone. Telekom is hoping for a happy, healthy and peaceful year full of confidence. In a world that is as characterized by change and transformation as ours is at present, social cohesion in particular takes on added importance. And a company like Telekom must also make it clear where its place is in society and what it does for society in concrete terms. After all, it is more than just a company that provides society with a high-quality network infrastructure. It enables participation in a digital world that can be accessed via its products, services and benefits. And the networks are the basis for everyone being able to participate in it at any time.

Deutsche Telekom connects people. It stands for optimism instead of isolationism, for proximity instead of distance, for digital equality of opportunity for everyone instead of just the few. It invests many billions of euros in its networks and the services based on them. And it does everything in its power to reliably meet people's expectations. For more than 30 years. Regardless of which trend color is currently en vogue. Viva Telekom Magenta!


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