Digital journalism: Can robots be opinion leaders?

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Text robots can write articles too. You get the latest news most quickly through Twitter. The morning paper is full of yesterday's news. Do we really still need journalists?

Yes, says Holger Steltzner, co-editor of the F.A.Z. newspaper, in an interview with Tim Höttges. "People don't just want neutral information, they want a position, (...), they want to take issue with a comment every so often... It is individualism that makes journalism what it is," is one of his arguments.

Our special on journalism looks at the future of the profession. A graphic shows how journalists work today, compared with 1976. We also show you examples of how the old media are reacting to change, and how computers are already being put to work as authors today. And Philipp Schindera, head of Corporate Communications at Deutsche Telekom, explains in an interview that new approaches to PR will also be essential.

We hope you enjoy the articles and the videos!

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