Digital journalism: Can robots be opinion leaders?

People just don't want neutral information; they want positions, too. They want to confront the opinion and position of a journalist, sometimes they want to take issue with a commentary; they want to encounter a different opinion and sometimes have their own view confirmed. Individualism makes journalism what it is. ​​​​​​​Holger Steltzner, a publisher of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Holger Steltzner

Interview with Holger Steltzner

Holger Steltzner, journalist and publisher of F.A.Z., interviewed by Tim Höttges.

Upheaval in the news world: A new approach for old media

Upheaval in the news world

The future of journalism is digital. The classic media are in a state of upheaval: old marketing models are becoming obsolete, new formulas, formats and platforms are emerging, and algorithms are increasingly responsible for determining media consumer behavior. What does the future of journalism look like?

Computers as authors

Computers as authors

Who writes the texts you read in the newspaper? The editor? Maybe. But maybe not.

Graphic: The image of the journalist has changed over the time

Graphic: The image of the journalist has changed over the time

Typewriter, landline phone and camera. What was once the fixed asset of the journalist, is now in the smartphone.