The House of Digital Responsibility

The House of Digital Responsibility focuses on human-centered technology. We act responsibly in both the analog and digital spheres. This attitude is our protective roof. People are behind all the stakeholder groups at our company: customers, employees, shareholders, partners, and society as a whole. As such, it is clear to us that technology and its deployment also has to be designed according to human-centered principles – they are the key component of our digital responsibility.

In our framework we put people at the center of our efforts to bring a sense of responsibility to the digital world. 

The House of Digital Responsibility - This represents our approach of human centered technology.

The House of Digital Responsibility is built on a strong foundation

  • Laws & regulations – We act in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and adopt digital rights in our daily activities accordingly.
  • Human rights – We are expressly committed to the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and stand for digital sovereignty, freedom from discrimination, and freedom of expression.
  • Culture & values – As a global company, we appreciate cultural differences, while promoting a common understanding of values.

This foundation is supplemented by the principles of “data privacy & security” and “transparency & dialog”, which are immanently integrated in our actions

  • Data privacy & security – We stand for security and the responsible handling of data. 
  • Transparency & dialog – We shape the dialog about the opportunities and risks of digitalization and make our actions transparent.

Our actions are based on our firm foundation and our principles. We focus on technologies for people and with people. We currently categorize these actions in four areas

  • Digital Ethics – Ensuring sovereignty and supporting people are our focus. We design digital technologies responsibly.
  • Digital Participation – Deutsche Telekom wants everyone to take part in the digital society. Everyone should have access to the many opportunities afforded by digitalization.
  • Future Work –Digital responsibility at Deutsche Telekom means thinking about future work as part of its dynamic transformation process and ensuring that despite all the changes, people remain the focus of all decisions. 
  • Climate and resource protection – Protecting the climate together and using resources responsibly – with and through digitalization. 
Justitia, Goddess of justice

Law and regulations

We act in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and adopt digital rights in our daily activities.