The principles of digital responsibility - Transparency and dialog

We shape the dialog about the opportunities and risks of digitalization and make our actions transparent.

We communicate with our customers and maintain an ongoing dialog within the workforce. This means we discuss openly and listen to one another without bias. Our communications and our conduct are characterized by respect, integrity, and transparency. We disclose our action areas and our activities. We openly present our contribution to society and policy.

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Transparency and dialog ensure that we continue to develop. In this way, we sharpen our perception and disclose our contribution. © Deutsche Telekom, Urheber: Norbert Ittermann

We show how we act responsibly. We explain what we are doing. Among our other duties, as a telecommunications company, we are legally required to support security authorities, for example, in surveillance measures by which telecommunications connections can be traced or recorded. We publish these activities in our Transparency Report. We also make our contributions to and positions on relevant topics (such as the GDPR (pdf, 381.0 KB)) public and promote the related dialog.

We interpret this “dialog” as our dealings with each other and the way in which we share knowledge, experience, and information – among employees, customers, and business partners. Tailoring it to the various target audiences is part of our communication strategy. To be successful communicators in these dynamic times, we need to think outside of the box defined by standard-style communications fields. That’s why it’s important for us to employ different formats (such as Magenta Moon, investor talks, Ideas Forge) to get the different stakeholder groups on board and delight them. In doing so, we draw attention to all sides of digitalization, opportunities and risks alike. This dialog and the transparent exchange of information are essential to shaping our responsibility further and alleviating the fears of the groups involved. 

Digital Ethics Guidelines on AI

Digital Ethics

Ensuring sovereignty and supporting people are our focus. We design digital technologies responsibly.