The foundation of digital responsibility - Culture and values

As a global company, we embrace cultural differences, while promoting a common understanding of values.

For us, diversity is not only a matter of course; it is also part of our corporate culture. Operating globally means recognizing cultural differences and leveraging them to achieve success. At the same time, we build on a foundation of shared values related to our purpose. This helps us maintain a uniform response to the challenges of the transformation. Because culture is also undergoing a transformation. And we are all shaping it.

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Diversity is important to us. As an internationally active company, we value equality and diversity. © Getty Images/iStockphoto/D-Keine

We won’t stop until everyone is connected. That is Deutsche Telekom’s purpose. We have defined it together as part of our living culture process. Our corporate culture consists of values, standards, convictions, mindsets, ideas of morality, and visions. It shapes our decisions and our conduct. 

To embed it in our culture, we have defined guiding principles. They describe how we want to deal with each other and with others, both within and outside of our company. The requirements we place on Deutsche Telekom employees are described in our Code of Conduct. Our managers take an active role here, because leading means taking responsibility. Trust and transparency are key here and this is why we have developed specific development programs for both new and experienced managers. We consider diversity, equity, and inclusion in decisions at all levels. We therefore want to promote a culture of belonging in which everyone is enabled to capture their full potential. We have published a policy (pdf, 5.8 MB) on this.

We speak openly about our culture and our values– we are proud of them. In our podcast "Frohes Schaffen, Neues Schaffen" we give people the opportunity to get to know Deutsche Telekom from a variety of perspectives and find out how we live our purpose in practice.

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Transparency and dialog

We shape the dialog about the opportunities and risks of digitalization and make our actions transparent.