We act responsibly

"We claim that the deployment of technology must be based on a humanistic system of values. That’s why people – with all of their facets, roles, and needs – are our focus. I call this ‘human-centered technology’.” Claudia Nemat, Board Member Deutsche Telekom AG, responsible for Technology and Innovation

 Claudia Nemat, Member of the Deutsche Telekom AG Board of Management, Technology and Innovation

Claudia Nemat, Board Member Deutsche Telekom AG, responsible for Technology and Innovation

Since 2017, we have been illuminating the topic of responsible digitalization intensively, from a variety of perspectives and in its different facets. A competence community supports our corporate digital responsibility organizationally. As an interdisciplinary topic, it adds value in several areas and is incorporated in existing structures: for example, with digital ethics in compliance, digital participation in our Corporate Responsibility department, and in our strategic approaches to data privacy and data security.

Current challenges such as climate change, demographic change, social inequality, and technological progress drive our activities and our commitment. At the same time, we are experiencing tremendous technological progress. Digital trends are affecting and changing all of our business processes. To do so, we use human-centered technologies, which we expect will help us deal with the major challenges of our time. We are convinced that technological development has to be oriented more strongly toward values. And we are aware that we bear responsibility for implementing ethics in technologies and making them available to everyone. It always has to be about us as people, us as individuals. 

To live up to this goal, we have defined a framework for our activities: the House of Digital Responsibility at Deutsche Telekom.

Birgit Bohle, Board member for Human Resources and Legal Affairs, Labor Director

Part of our DNA

We live our responsibility - ecologically, socially and also digitally - this corresponds with our self-image and is part of our DNA.