Our motivation - internal and external dialog

We see major opportunities in digitalization. More people can participate in public discourse; there are hardly any limits to communication and understanding. 

At the same time, we are all aware that we have to face the corresponding risks. Conflicting values and dilemmas have to be discussed in society. We need to make digitalization compatible with our values and find the best possible solutions to shaping a responsible digital transformation. Our guidelines and principles, upon which our digital responsibility is based, serve as our compass here.

3 experts in a lively dialog

We are in constant exchange with internal and external stakeholders, as we see digital responsibility as a dynamic process and want to constantly evolve. © Deutsche Telekom AG, Photo: Maskot Images

Digitalization poses dilemmas

As a globally active company, we are aware that we cannot always solve the dilemmas posed by digitalization uniformly or conclusively. 

Digitalization poses dilemmas for us. We face them proactively, taking cultural differences and our moral compass into account. To do so, we as a company need a dialog – interaction with all stakeholders. We cannot shape this transformation responsibly on our own. It is a task for society as a whole, where everyone needs to get involved: politics, business, academia, and society. That’s why we are active in a variety of different initiatives and movements, to ensure that we live up to the task.

Digitalization is happening. It is important that we all work together to make it human-centered.

Acting with digital responsibility

Corporate Digital Responsibility @Deutsche Telekom is the result of our CDR community. Contact persons and experts from all Board of Management departments have contributed and continue to contribute to the discussion. Based on our analysis of numerous documents, qualitative surveys, and detailed interviews, we have identified a large number of activities that help foster our digital responsibility. Further activities are already being planned in the various departments. 

We see taking digital responsibility as a dynamic process and constant evolution. We will report on new and expanded activities and measures on a regular basis, because meeting our high standards for responsible digitalization is an ongoing challenge and duty – one that we gladly face. 

In our framework we put people at the center of our efforts to bring a sense of responsibility to the digital world. 

The House of Digital Responsibility

The House of Digital Responsibility focuses on human-centered technology.