Deutsche Telekom: Committed to Bonn

Deutschen Telekom Headquarters in Bonn.

Deutschen Telekom Headquarters in Bonn.

For Deutsche Telekom, the answer to these questions is clear: Yes, the company wants and needs a home city – and its home city is Bonn. Bonn, the Germany's former capital on the Rhine, is where Deutsche Telekom's Group Headquarters is located. It is where the company's success story began, where Deutsche Telekom has developed into a top international provider in a dynamic market. Bonn is where Deutsche Telekom's heart beats.

The company is Bonn's largest, most-important employer. More than 13,400 people from Bonn and the surrounding region work at Deutsche Telekom's Bonn locations, and many tens of thousands of people in the city are connected with its operations in some way. This position gives the company a major social responsibility, one it welcomes and embraces through a wide range of active commitments.

Each year, Deutsche Telekom commits some five million euros to social, sports-based and culturally oriented projects. For example, it provides a total of 330 child-daycare places, spread over four daycare centers, thereby helping its employees juggle their work and family responsibilities. In the context of its corporate responsibility, it supports numerous projects in Bonn's kindergartens, along with a broad range of additional projects throughout the city. In addition, over 700 young people in Bonn are undertaking vocational training, or a cooperative study program, in connection with the company in the current training year. 

Deutsche Telekom's long-time partners in the area of cultural sponsorship include Junges Theater Bonn, one of Germany's best theaters for children. Deutsche Telekom's cultural commitments highlighting the importance of Bonn, Beethoven's birthplace, include the International Telekom Beethoven Competition Bonn, a competition in which young talented pianists from around the world showcase their skills. The Telekom Baskets basketball team is one of the key players in Bonn's sports scene. The team has a large fan base in the city – needless to say – and it boasts exemplary youth work and social commitment.

Deutsche Telekom Stiftung, the company's corporate foundation, also has its main location in Bonn. The foundation is dedicated to promoting quality education in the digital world, with a special focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)

Deutsche Telekom is an international corporation – and a Bonn company. Deutsche Telekom is a company that takes its social responsibility seriously, and Bonn is a key focus of that responsibility. Deutsche Telekom is committed to the city of Bonn, and to the people who live and work in it. Simply because Bonn is Deutsche Telekom's home city!