Telekom Baskets Bonn

Telekom Baskets Bonn

Deutsche Telekom takes on social responsibility in its immediate environment and shows its commitment to Bonn.

Forum, outside

Telekom Forum

A well-established venue in Bonn for all kinds of social gatherings and events, including concerts, theater productions and readings.

Beethoven monument.

Cultural events in Bonn

The company's cultural sponsorship activities highlight the importance of Bonn, birthplace of Beethoven.

The fans love the performances in Telekom Forum.

Junges Theater Bonn

Deutsche Telekom supports Junges Theater Bonn, Germany's most popular theater for children and young people.

Helping hands.

Social Commitment

Deutsche Telekom works to be a good citizen and a responsible employer.

Company-subsidized child daycare in Bonn

Company-subsidized child daycare

Deutsche Telekom places great priority on enabling its employees to balance their work and family responsibilities.

Digital Bonn

Bonn is going digital

Bonn's mayor Ashok Sridharan launched the Digital Bonn initiative in early 2016.

Network and infrastructure expansion in Bonn.

Network infrastructure

Deutsche Telekom has been making Bonn, Germany's former capital, into a capital city for fast networks and Internet security.

Activities of Deutsche Telekom Stiftung in Bonn

Deutsche Telekom Stiftung in Bonn

Deutsche Telekom Stiftung, the company's corporate foundation, is active in numerous projects for Bonn's children and young people.

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