Company-subsidized child daycare

Deutsche Telekom places great priority on enabling its employees to balance their work and family responsibilities. The company, the largest employer in Bonn and in the surrounding region, makes special efforts in this regard. 

Company-subsidized child daycare in Bonn

Deutsche Telekom offers a range of facilities and services that are provided by cooperating partners of the company.

The child daycare services that Deutsche Telekom offers its employees play an especially significant role in helping employees juggle their private and work responsibilities. In Bonn, the company provides around 330 subsidized child daycare places. They are spread over four company daycare centers (each with its own separate location) that are operated by cooperating partners of Deutsche Telekom.

With its offering of company daycare centers, Deutsche Telekom is also addressing the current working culture of the Group – the “new normal”. An important element of this culture is advantages including employee options for flexibly structuring working time. Deutsche Telekom's daycare facilities have opening hours that support such options. In addition to being open for long periods on workdays, the facilities have much shorter closure periods than other daycare centers do – in fact, the facilities are closed only on the days between Christmas and New Year's Day. The facilities' extensive hours of operation enable Deutsche Telekom's employees to optimally coordinate their own working hours with the times at which they need to be available personally for their children. And for special situations in which a Deutsche Telekom employee is unable to bring his or her child to a daycare facility – for example, because the child is sick – the company offers specially equipped "parent-and-child offices" and emergency childcare services.

In addition to offering company-subsidized daycare services, Deutsche Telekom offers further assistance and support, in Bonn, to help its employees optimally balance their work and private lives. For instance, the company is involved with the “Netzwerk Kindertagespflege Bonn“, a day care network for children in Bonn. The network, a grouping of non-profit organizations, offers such services as putting parents in touch with qualified childcare providers.

Deutsche Telekom also offers subsidized childcare services, throughout a two-week summer-vacation period, for employees' children of primary-school age. The services are provided in Bonn, where the company's Group headquarters is located. For older children (age 12 and older), a summer camp is available.

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