Junges Theater Bonn (JTB) is Germany's most popular theater for children and young people. Each year, its productions are seen by a total of some 140,000 youngsters.


Deutsche Telekom has been supporting "sicher im Netz" ("secure in cyberspace"), a JTB project aimed at helping children and young people use online media safely, since fall 2015.

Deutsche Telekom has partnered closely with JTB since 2004. With its commitment, Deutsche Telekom is supporting JTB's development and helping it become even more prominently positioned as a key element of Bonn's cultural scene. 

Deutsche Telekom considers it vitally important to help children and young people become media-aware in today's Internet age, and it welcomes the opportunity to do this via the special cultural experiences provided by the JTB. JTB's productions and projects consistently set high standards for quality. Currently, in an especially significant effort in their partnership, JTB and Deutsche Telekom are offering the "Telekom 4 Euro Ticket," a discounted admission ticket priced to enable as many children and young people as possible to enjoy JTB's productions. "Telekom 4 Euro Ticket" allotments are available for all of the nearly 150 matinee and evening productions that JTB presents each year. Along with those allotments, Deutsche Telekom also finances several hundred "Telekom Sozialtickets" ("Deutsche Telekom social tickets") each year, which are free tickets for kindergarten and school children whose parents are unable to afford the regular price of admission.

Again and again, JTB and Deutsche Telekom have also used their partnership as a framework for ambitious theater projects that can be produced and presented in schools. In one such project, for example, fourth grade primary school children staged their own plays focusing on Internet risks and opportunities. To help the schools put on the productions, JTB provided experienced theater pedagogues.

In addition to subsidizing tickets and supporting theater and school projects, Deutsche Telekom has agreed to make its large Telekom Forum auditorium available for JTB's premiere events – and thereby give those outstanding productions an even larger stage.

Forum, outside

Telekom Forum

A well-established venue in Bonn for all kinds of social gatherings and events, including concerts, theater productions and readings.