Deutsche Telekom Stiftung in Bonn

The Deutsche Telekom Stiftung foundation was established in 2003 with the aim of strengthening Germany's position as a leader in education, research and technology. With an endowment of 150 million euros, it ranks as one of the country's major corporate foundations.

Activities of Deutsche Telekom Stiftung in Bonn

Activities of Deutsche Telekom Stiftung in Bonn

The foundation is dedicated to promoting quality education for a digital world, with a special focus on science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM). The foundation's activities are focused on four key areas: Education Drivers, Education Opportunities, Education Innovations and Education Dialog.

Since its founding, Deutsche Telekom Stiftung has assumed a special measure of responsibility for the city of Bonn, where it is located. It carries out numerous projects for Bonn's children and young people, within the framework of the initiative Chancen bilden@Bonn. In addition, the foundation partners with Bonn's Mathematikzentrum für Schulen (MathZe; mathematics center for schools), and soon it will begin collaborating with Deutsches Museum Bonn, a science and technology museum. Its ExperimentierKüche ("experiment kitchen"), a laboratory for schoolchildren, helps young scientists discover the fascinating world of everyday chemistry. It offers programs for school students of virtually all ages, from 2nd grade to secondary school. The foundation also cooperates with the Museum Alexander Koenig and its NATUR beflügelt! ("nature is inspiring") program, which offers biology and science enrichment for schoolchildren.

In addition, the foundation supports a range of successful, well-established projects in Bonn, including ForscherFerien (hands-on experiments for schoolchildren, during vacation periods), MINTeinander (preparatory activities for STEM subjects), Mathe sicher können (math tutoring for at-risk pupils) and PIKAS (for development of materials for math teaching), as well as new projects such as GestaltBar (a digital workshop for schoolchildren). The foundation also develops measures, on an as-needed and local basis, in cooperation with daycare facilities, schools and other education stakeholders.

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With 150 million euros of capital, Deutsche Telekom Stiftung ranks as one of Germany's major corporate foundations.