Gaming - Where the Fun Ends

Gaming - Where the Fun Ends

Half of Germany plays online games and uses online chats. Hate, agitation and manipulation take place here. 

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Our partners

You need help? Find organisations here that you can turn to. Also, if you want to take action yourself.

Erster Twitch-Stream in der Telekom Zentrale in Bonn


Telekom and esports player foundation initiate FIFA Fairplay Guide

Many gamers perceive the FIFA video game community as toxic. Standards for fairness and sportsmanship are intended to ensure more fairness and sportsmanship in gaming and esports.

Mick Prinz.


Haltung zeigen – auch im Gaming

Das Projekt „Good Gaming, Well Played Democracy“ setzt sich gegen gruppenbezogene Menschenfeindlichkeit beim Online-Gaming ein.



Using virtual reality to combat everyday racism

Virtual reality offers the chance to experience everyday situations from other perspectives in an artificially generated reality. Various projects are taking advantage of this. They use virtual reality to raise awareness of racism and thus trigger rethinking...

Digital Crime, Episode 3 - Hate in Gaming


Hate in Gaming - When the Fun Ends

Hate and discrimination are not only a problem among hobby gamers, but also in professional eSports.

Glossar: Gaming - Where the Fun Ends

Important terms explained briefly.


In gaming, players can be temporarily or permanently banned if they behave inappropriately and, for example, insult other players or spread hate speech.


The term "noob" is a pejorative term in the gaming scene, used to describe other players as bad and unable to learn.