Knowing when the technician will arrive

Know when the technician arrives

“Mein Telekom Techniker” provides customers with full transparency about expected visits from their service technicians.

What's the point?

With "Mein Telekom Techniker" we have launched a new offer. With one click, customers can see when our technician will arrive and receive another reminder SMS before their appointment. Real time tracking allows customers to check whether our technicians have already received their demand, whether they are still busy with another customer demand, and when they are likely to arrive. Once a technician has completed his or her assignment, customers can rate our service with up to five stars.

Achievements so far?

Since the end of August 2017, we have "Mein Telekom Techniker" operating live, thus setting a benchmark for the sector. More than 5.000 customers are now using our new service every day. And our analyses show their enthusiasm: Customers using our new service check their status ten times on average and 99 percent of them will in fact be present for their appointment. Direct feedback from customers is also gratifying: among the first 4.000 user ratings, only one was negative. We have already activated the functions of "Mein Telekom Techniker" for our technology partners. And we plan to roll out the service to our own employees as well. This will allow our customers to always be informed about every appointment with their technician. We are gradually expanding the range of services we offer ourselves. For example, our customers can cancel technician appointments in advance if something comes up.

What's the customer’s benefit?

"Mein Telekom Techniker" gives our customers the greatest possible transparency about their appointments with our technicians. With the help of the new service, they know exactly when our technician will be at their premises. As a consequence, appointments can be better included into daily routines. We know from our customers that transparency about appointments is particularly important to them. Our new offer can create this transparency. A further component for an even more customer-friendly service.

Only one thing counts for the Magenta service: happy customers.

Customer Service

Our approximately 90 million personal customer contacts in Telekom Service each year are all about clear expectations.