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Register by voice print.

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What's the point?

If customers want to make a request on the hotline, they are asked to authenticate themselves for security reasons. Previously, a customer number or contract password was needed. This necessity has been replaced by a voiceprint. Because every voice is as unique as a fingerprint: individual features such as pronunciation, rhythm, speed, accent and many more result in an unmistakable voice pattern. The technology behind this is called voice biometrics and is increasingly being used in other industries such as banking and insurance. By 2017, 150 million customers worldwide were already using voice authentication.

Achievements so far?

Initially, we tested this solution intensively and continuously improved it - with 1,400 voice samples from our own employees. The feedback from customer workshops was very useful for further development. Since summer 2018, we have been offering a voice password service. Customers can identify themselves easily and securely via their unique voice pattern. To deposit their voiceprint for the first time, they simply pronounce the passphrase "At Deutsche Telekom, my voice is my password" three times in a row. The entire process is completed within two minutes. Upon their next call, customers will be recognized by their voices and consultants can deal directly with their concerns.

What's the customer’s benefit?

Customers no longer need to remember passwords or keep their personal customer numbers ready. Because they always carry their voices with them. Authentication becomes much faster and easier - and even more secure in comparison. Unlike a password, a voiceprint cannot be guessed, copied or stolen. When the voiceprint is created, not the voice itself is being stored, only a mathematical algorithm calculated from characteristic vocal features. Therefore, stored data does not allow any direct conclusions about our customers. Compared to other biometric methods, speech biometrics is also very forgery-proof. But of course, we observe all developments very closely. Increasingly powerful technologies can further increase or (in case of abuses) endanger security. Therefore, we are continuously improving security software together with our supplier. The quality of these improvements is regularly confirmed by our own independent tests: The certification of our voice biometrics system by TÜV TRUST IT is already underway.

20 – number of seconds

that can, on average, be saved per authentication process.

1,400 – number of voice impressions

our employees have given away during the development of the solution.

If you want to use your voiceprint for quick, easy and secure identification, you can hand it in at any time under the hotline number 0800 0800358.

Only one thing counts for the Magenta service: happy customers.

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