The Digital Service Assistant

The helper who never sleeps.

The Digital Service Assistant

Digital Service Assistant: A chatbot that automatically helps with frequently asked questions and general concerns on our website.

What's the point?

Since IFA 2016, our customers can use a digital assistant to help them with many service issues: A chatbot that automatically helps with frequently asked questions and general concerns on our website. This allows customers to receive quick answers and it helps to shift the workload of our employees to other, increasingly complex topics. If a problem is not solved to the customer’s satisfaction, he or she may contact one of our consultants. Our Digital Assistant can transfer chat protocols and a summary to the consultant, who can immediately follow up on the case.

Achievements so far?

When we introduced the Digital Assistant two years ago, its capabilities were quite limited. It could only answer simple questions about telephony, internet or TV interference. Due to high customer approval, early this year we have extended its functions: now, our chatbot provides more artificial intelligence, better dialogue capabilities and a significantly expanded help area. It can also answer questions about bills, orders, contracts, relocation, WLAN, e-mail setup and SIM cards. The Digital Assistant can also be accessed via the MeinMagenta App.

What's the customer’s benefit?

Personal contact is indispensable in customer service. We will follow this principle in the future. However, chatbots are a useful addition, because our customers expect 24/7 answers to their questions. The Digital Assistant is available around the clock and it allows to solve many issues swiftly and without putting customers on hold. Through machine learning, it is constantly improving. Its contribution to a positive customer experience is demonstrated not only by surveys, but also by its acceptance: our customers use this innovative service around 40,000 times a month - and the numbers are increasing. That's why we are gradually developing the Digital Assistant to become even more versatile: We want to link it to our customer database so that it can also help with personal issues such as billing enquiries, contract renewals, tariff changes or product advice. In addition to the Web and App, it will also be available in the future via Facebook Messenger, Amazon Echo and our Telekom Smart Speaker. And because it also recognizes spoken language, it can soon be used as a virtual conversation partner on the hotline. In addition, we use artificial intelligence technologies to support our customer advisors in internal research so that customer concerns can be clarified even more quickly in the future.

Click here for our digital assistant: (German).

90 PERCENT of all customer requests are correctly dealt with by the chatbot.

290 DIALOGUE PATHS with numerous branches have been successfully specified and implemented so far.

40,000 times a month our chatbot already helps customers.

Only one thing counts for the Magenta service: happy customers.

Customer Service

Our approximately 90 million personal customer contacts in Telekom Service each year are all about clear expectations.