The telephone joker

Patience and serenity are beautiful virtues. But nobody wants to overstrain them in a waiting loop. For that reason, Marc Spors and his team have developed the callback service.

The Telephone Joker

Bye, hold loop. With their callback service, Deutsche Telekom makes many customers happy.

Mr. Spors, with the callback service you have fulfilled a heartfelt wish of many customers: to finally no longer be on hold or to repeatedly describe the same problem to different contact persons. How does it work?

Each of us wants to be helped with a problem in an uncomplicated way and without waiting. With more than 270.000 customer contacts per day, we now offer our customers the opportunity to reconnect with the consultant with whom they have previously discussed their concerns. And: With our personal callback service, we are the first in the industry on the German market and thus set standards. We have even applied for a patent. We are actually talking about two recall offers: There is the "classic callback service" for first time customer contacts. This service is offered after a certain waiting time in the voice portal or online for customer enquiries on the internet. If customers don’t want to wait any longer, they can order a callback to the telephone number specified in the voice menu. On the internet, this works via the so-called "red button". Customers decide for themselves whether they prefer to wait or to be called back.

And the second callback service?

The "Personal Callback Service" can be used by customers within 28 days after the first contact. After the phone call, customers receive an SMS offering a return call by the very consultant they have just spoken to, if requested. As soon as customers have "dialed" this option under the number 0800 33 01000, they will receive a return call by their personal consultant within about 60 minutes. Currently, we can offer this service between 8 am and 8 pm.

Only one thing counts for the Magenta service: happy customers.

Customer Service

Our approximately 90 million personal customer contacts in Telekom Service each year are all about clear expectations.