Film about New Work: There you go! Shaping New Work.

The film production company Forever Day One has made a 60-minute documentary about New Work in co-production with Deutsche Telekom. The title: "There you go! Shaping New Work." The content: Five people, four companies, five worlds of work.

There you go! Shaping New Work.

The documentary portrays people and companies that have set out on the path and dare to do something different.

The film shows forward thinkers and new thinkers of New Work. At Deutsche Telekom, the medium-sized family business Heiler Glas, the start-up Einhorn and the bicycle courier collective Fahrwerk. And they all prove in their own way that work can be done differently.

The film can be viewed free of charge on the Forever Day One website. Would you like to know what it's about? We have summarized the central statements of the film. Let us say in advance: there is no perfect recipe for implementing New Work. One thing is certain, however: people are at the centre of the changes.

New work requires new leadership

"Watch out, the boss is coming." A superfluous sentence if the protagonists of the film have their way. Because in the spirit of New Work, leadership and hierarchies are being rethought. This is also the case at Telekom. The focus is on open discussions, a healthy culture of mistakes and trust. Instead of costs and throughput times, the well-being and skills of employees are now being improved.

The medium-sized company Heiler Glas, on the other hand, does without leadership or hierarchical structures altogether. This also entails new responsibilities for the employees. They have to think more, organize themselves and sometimes - as at Fahrwerk - to bestir themselves. 

New Work has an impact on salary at the start-up Einhorn. Transparency is the top priority here. So everyone knows what each other earns. And how much you earn depends on your own life situation.

New Work means moving others

The documentary illustrates in an authentic way that it is not easy to keep trying things out, to question things and to reinvent oneself. But at the beginning of every change is a motivated person. A motivated person who manages to move others.

Someone holds dominoes labelled Pre-Corona, which fall over, behind him are dominoes labelled Post-Corona.

Does the longing for the familiar win?

Will the post-pandemic world really be that much different? Or is our desire for he „old“ normality so great that we will simply slip back into our familiar patterns?