The T and New Work

More virtual collaboration, hardly any business trips, leading over a distance: our everyday work has changed dramatically since the corona pandemic. However, many of the developments are not new, they have already started some time ago. Because they are part of a long-term change in the world of work - towards what is known as “New Work”.

From New Normal to New Work: The pandemic is one step on the way to new work - albeit an unplanned one. It has accelerated change considerably. And many of the developments of the past few months will stay. Because tools and working methods have proven themselves or have even shown enormous advantages. Because not traveling saves time, cuts costs and protects the climate. Or because hybrid work models support flexible family models.

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The T and New Work.

In order to shape the working world of the future, Deutsche Telekom is following five guard rails that provide orientation for shaping the working world.

1. Mix of home office and office

  • The type of work determines the mix of mobile work and presence.
  • The proportion of mobile working will increase significantly.
  • Personal encounters remain an essential part of working life. Because the success of creative work, complex problem solving or team processes is often based on physical proximity.

2. Our Offices will be places of encounter 

  • The office remains the most important place for corporate identity.
  • Office buildings are increasingly becoming places of teamwork, meetings and workshops, social and creative exchange.

3. Digital tools become more important 

  • Digital collaboration tools are constant companions and important helpers in everyday life.
  • Asynchronous work: working together on documents, regardless of place and time with appropriate tools
  • Telekom is accelerating company-wide investments in IT tools, IT equipment and employee training

4. Less business trips

  • The reduction of business trips and hybrid and virtual events contribute to sustainability, among other things.

5. Leadership – Trust instead of control

  • Leadership will not be based on presence and control, but on trust and transparency.
  • Virtual leadership and leading hybrid teams create new challenges.
  • Managers are required to create a safe and motivating “space”, to formulate clear goals, to give feedback and to track results.
Oliver Herrmann

Is New Work the New Normal?

DT expert Oliver Herrmann explains in an interview how the Corona crisis is accelerating New Work and why the New Normal is a transition.