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Broadband Expansion

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Telekom is pushing ahead with the expansion of ultra-fast broadband connections throughout Europe. Fiber optics, mobile communications, satellite and microwave radio - innovative technologies are helping to close the gaps on the DSL coverage map.

Sending e-mail, downloading music and researching information - it is hard to imagine life without the Internet, both at work and away. This makes it all the more vital that all people and all business organizations have the same opportunities to access the digital Net. Enabling this is Telekom's goal.

Connecting rural regions

96 percent of German households can now be provided with a broadband connection - 360,000 were added in 2010 alone. Ultra-fast Internet is now taken for granted in Germany's large cities. But particularly in rural areas, DSL connections through fiber optics or copper wires are often not feasible.

Accordingly, Deutsche Telekom depends on a mix of technologies to expand fast Internet. In the countryside, the Group is counting primarily on the new, powerful LTE (Long Term Evolution) standard; 1000 gaps were closed in 2010, 500 alone using LTE. In addition, Telekom enables surfing at DSL speed via satellite and is deploying a radio relay solution as well.

Broadband expansion in Hungary and Croatia

Deutsche Telekom is committed to expanding broadband networks throughout Europe, not just in Germany. As part of a program by Hungarian development authorities, the Group has been participating in a broadband expansion pilot project since 2011. Nine communities with a total of over 2,000 residents are getting fast Internet access, including television and telephony.

Our Croatian national company T-Hrvatski Telekom has already achieved high DSL coverage through its broadband expansion. Some 98 percent of all households here enjoy broadband access.