#Green Magenta, #Good Magenta

Corporate Responsibility

Successfully moving into a more sustainable future

As a leading telecommunications company, we equip people with the best the digital world has to offer, thereby creating millions of connections every day. 

But we want more. And we are doing more. Not only are we expanding our network, we are also helping to make it a safe and tolerant space for everyone. We are not just enabling a more digital future but also one that is fairer, more sustainable, and more worth living for.

We are not just ensuring progress, we are also making sure that everyone can benefit from it. 

Because we continuously align our objectives with the global challenges of our times, projects on the topic of sustainability have been an integral part of our business for years. 

But the status quo is still not enough for us. Which is why we are now giving the starting signal for more: more sustainability, more responsibility, and more digital participation with Deutsche Telekom. With our new labels #GreenMagenta and #GoodMagenta.


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Label facts

As replacements for the current “we care” label, #GreenMagenta and #GoodMagenta will soon be featured on numerous sustainable products and initiatives of Deutsche Telekom. With every labeled initiative, we openly commit to our promise to become a little better every day and to live up to our responsibility toward the environment and society.


#GreenMagenta is used to label products, services, projects, measures, and initiatives that make a positive contribution to climate protection and to the responsible use of resources. For example, we are focusing on renewable energies and are making sure that smartphones are being reused. 

#GoodMagenta, meanwhile, is used to label projects, measures, and initiatives that make a positive contribution to social and societal challenges in the digital world. For example, we are taking a stand for a more tolerant and safer online world for everyone.

Awarding process

For the awarding of #GreenMagenta and #GoodMagenta we have defined certain rules. Employees at Deutsche Telekom can suggest products, services or initiatives that should be marked with #GreenMagenta or #GoodMagenta:

  • Proposals must be justified in detail based on a set of criteria and the sustainability benefits must be documented in writing.
  • If there are clear disadvantages for society or ecology, #Green or #GoodMagenta cannot be awarded, for example, a product which has a particularly sustainable packaging, but a higher power consumption than comparable offers may not be labeled. 
  • Experts, including members of the Group Corporate Responsibility department, review the proposal and, if necessary, add further reasons for or against labeling; they can consult other experts if necessary.
  • The final decision on labeling is made by a committee of experts from different departments.
  • Benchmarks with comparable products, services and initiatives should be used in the decision-making process, if possible.
  • The label should provide additional relevant information to customers, consumers and interested parties. A brief description under the #GreenMagenta and #GoodMagenta symbol points out the specific sustainability benefits of the offer.
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Sustainable Lifestyle

Everyone can make a contribution: Our products and services support sustainable lifestyles.