Corporate Responsibility

The „we care“ label

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As Deutsche Telekom, we take our responsibility for a more sustainable future very seriously, which is why we are able to achieve small and big successes. This is be-cause internally, our employees are discussing social and ecological challenges, find answers and realize these projects. But for us too, it applies: only together with our staff, our partners, and our costumers we can be successful. 

In order to make our successes more recognizable and to create more transparency, we have created the “we care” label. In the two categories “Environment” and “Digital Participation” offerings are labeled, that are particularly ecologically or socially sus-tainable. In addition to already existing certifications, such as the Blue Angel, our la-bel provides information about our offerings.

However, we are not yet finished. We now want to develop the “we care” label to-gether with our customers, interested parties, and experts and we are looking for-ward to feedback with further ideas, comments, and suggestions for improvement – all in the spirit of #takepart.

The categories


“Environment” describes products, services, projects, measures, and initiatives that make a positive contribution to-wards more climate protection and a responsible use of re-sources.

Digital Participation

“Digital Participation“ describes services, projects, measures, and initiatives that make a positive contribution towards social challenges in the digital world.

The labeling

A brief description beneath the symbol refers to specific sustainability benefits. We set some rules when awarding the “we care” label. Deutsche Telekom employees can suggest products, services, or initiatives that they believe should be given the “we care” label:

  • Suggestions must be extensively justified using a criteria catalog and the sus-tainability benefits must be stated.
  • If there are clear disadvantages for society or the environment, “we care” may not be awarded. For instance, if there is a product with particularly sustainable packaging but consumes more energy than comparable products, it cannot be given the “we care” label.
  • Experts including those from the Group Corporate Responsibility unit, will check the suggestion and, where necessary, will add further reasons for or against awarding the label and may also consult further experts.
  • At least three different company units are involved in reaching a decision on awarding the label. However, the unit that made the suggestion in not in-volved.
  • The label should offer customers, consumers, and interested parties additional information
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Sustainable Lifestyle

Everyone can make a contribution: Our products and services support sustainable lifestyles.