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The most valuable thing our customers entrust us with is their personal data.

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Learn how Deutsche Telekom is protecting IT systems and networks and thus our customers and their data.

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Deutsche Telekom further extends its cyber defense capabilities


Deutsche Telekom further extends its cyber defense capabilities

Telekom Security launches its integrated Cyber Defense and Security Operation Center

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Encryption for everyone

Fax fraud is still an issue in 2020.


Fax fraud is still an issue in 2020

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In our second episode, we are talking about one of the most notable ransomware attacks in history, hitting 200.000 computers across 150 countries and around 8 billion dollars in damages, to be precise. We are talking about Wannacry.
The self-propagating code is famous in the cyber world because it showed that if you start something on the worldwide Internet, it will affect everybody. WannaCry is the reason we learned to keep our systems updated and have backups.
Rüdiger Peusquens, Head of Cyber Defense...

3 weeks





The first episode of the new “Digital Crime” podcast revolves around the most well developed malware, or damaging software, that ever existed: Emotet.
Since 2014 the “Emotet Gang” has made millions of dollars by hacking computers through Spam Mails, being the perfect example of how cybercrime gangs run their operations like professional businesses. Nobody knows who is behind those attacks – but Cyber Security experts are sure, that we haven’t seen the last of Emotet.
In this episode Thomas Barabosch...

4 weeks

Wie navigiert man sicher durchs Web? Mit Achtsamkeit, den richtigen Tools und unseren Safety-Tipps.


Safety guide: Our tips for keeping you safe on the net

5 weeks

Digital Crime – Teaser



Digital Crime – Teaser

This is our new podcast “Digital Crime” on all things cyber crime and cyber security where we discuss the big digital crime stories of nowadays – and the little ones that can happen to each of us every day.

5 weeks

Researcher Thomas Barabosch will give recommendations to fight them and share ways to detect TA505 intrusions in your network.


Eager Beaver: A Short Overview of the Restless...

8 weeks

A digital identity can be obtained from illegal websites for the price of a coffee to go - protect it better!


Three euros for a latte macchiato … or maybe for...

12 weeks


Interview with Malte


Interview with Lena


Interview with Leonie


Interview with Jay


#takepart - No Hate Speech

Telekom Expertenservice: Beratung, Installation, Migration und individuelle Konfiguration finden remote statt.


Important data deleted? Telekom expands portfolio...

15 weeks

Werden einzelne Bereiche einer Fabrik digitalisiert, wächst die gesamte Produktionsleistung um 12 Prozent.


Germany's digital factories

18 weeks

The Bloch sphere is used in quantum mechanics to graphically represent states of qubits.


Deutsche Telekom builds test environment for...

21 weeks

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