Corporate Responsibility

T-Mobile Macedonia supports UNICEF

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T-Mobile Macedonia donated part of the revenues from SMS messages sent for the New Year’s Eve. With every sent SMS, the citizens contributed to the opening of centers for early childhood development.

These centers are an alternative for kindergartens in the rural and marginalized environments and they are built in the places where it is not economically cost-effective to build kindergartens.

The opening of these centers is part of the long-term project of the Foundation T-Mobile for Macedonia and UNICEF – "The first five are the most important".

The goal of the partnership of UNICEF and the Foundation is to raise the awareness for the importance of the early education and to open as many centers throughout Macedonia, so that the children who come from vulnerable environments would get an equal opportunity for early education like their peers who go to kindergartens.

The children make their biggest development in the first five years of their lives and that is why the children who attend high-quality pre-school programs have a better success in school and generally in life. So far, eight centers have been opened though the partnership of UNICEF and the Foundation, and eight more will be opened in the course of the year.

From the funds that T-Mobile additionally donated, the number of such centers will be increased by two.