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Blackmail mails becoming more and more perfidious


Blackmail via e-mail is getting more and more perfidious

As if it wasn’t enough that in 2018 many individuals received extortionary e-mails – similar frauds now strike more and more small and medium-sized enterprises.

Security Trends 2019.


High time for an interface detox

Warning about too much Internet of Things, carelessness in contactless payment and AI-based bot hunting - these are the Security Trends 2019.

Family with a Smartphone


ID-Alarm watches for misuse of data

Deutsche Telekom expands its digital protection package „Digital Schutzpaket“
and alerts in case of identity theft.

Magenta Security has Security Operation Centers on almost every continent.


The Global Guardian never sleeps

Deutsche Telekom relies on a global network of Security Operation Centers. That is how they meet the diverse security needs of a wide range of industries better.

Car on a highway


LTE could make road traffic safer

We might not drive cars any more in the future; instead, they'll drive us. Self-driving cars are currently a hot topic, widely discussed in the media and at trade fairs. The accompanying pictures usually show the vehicle occupants relaxing, perusing their...