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Cash register systems must be protected against fraud.


How to get cash registers clean

Cash register systems get a secure, digital identity plugged in. Fraud impossible, records can no longer be manipulated afterwards.

Car on a highway


LTE could make road traffic safer

We might not drive cars any more in the future; instead, they'll drive us. Self-driving cars are currently a hot topic, widely discussed in the media and at trade fairs. The accompanying pictures usually show the vehicle occupants relaxing, perusing their...



MS Office in the cross hairs

Vulnerabilities in office software of the market leader? This is how hackers like to attack.

5G Campus Networks for the Industry


Campus Networks

Telekom and Ericsson have announced a strategic partnership for Campus Networks.

Family with a Smartphone


ID-Alarm watches for misuse of data

Deutsche Telekom expands its digital protection package „Digital Schutzpaket“
and alerts in case of identity theft.