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SK shieldus and Deutsche Telekom Security will share insights in the future


Cybersecurity: Getting even better together

Subsidiaries of SK Square and Deutsche Telekom want to cooperate more closely on digital security issues in the future. They have signed a Letter of Intent.

Telekom-Security, Hitachi Energy and Securitas protect energy suppliers


Alliance against blackouts

Deutsche Telekom, Hitachi Energy and Securitas protect energy suppliers. Bundled excellence from three worlds for critical infrastructure protection.

Security Awareness Library


Telekom Security enters e-learning market

Launch of the interactive video learning platform Security Awareness Library. Telekom and mybreev train companies worldwide.

WLAN symbol


FragAttack-Gap in WiFi standard

Researchers have discovered vulnerabilities in the WiFi protocol standard. These affect all devices that communicate via WiFi.

Fax fraud is still an issue in 2020.


Fax fraud is still an issue in 2020

Unknown perpetrators attempted to deceive a Telekom trading partner. Their aim was to steal smaller sums of money.