Anastassiya Popenya

Anastassiya Popenya

Telekom Blogger

Born in 1990 in a small Russian town, after a short detour in Georgia and growing up in Kazakhstan, Anastassiya came to Germany in 2009 to start her journalistic studies. Already at the age of 17,  she expressed her enthusiasm for media, taking over a part-time job at a TV broadcaster in her home country. Anastassiya has been with the group since 2015 and currently takes care of various topics in the Corporate Communications department, with a focus on Europe.

Articles by Anastassiya Popenya

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Green light for the largest private FTTH-partnership in Austria

The Joint Venture of Magenta Telekom and Meridiam to start roll-out in many regions this spring.

A black smartphone (T Phone Pro), and a T 5G logo


Deutsche Telekom launches the T Phone

5G for every pocket: Launching across nine European countries, the smartphone is designed to make 5G accessible on a broad scale.

Magenta Telekom / Marlena König


Magenta Telekom and Meridiam form joint venture for fibre

The partners announce Austria's largest private fibre partnership.


OTE Group lays the ground for Greece’s digital future, deploying the fiber optic network of the next decades

Greece enters a new era and evolves into a real Digital Country with OTE Group’s key contribution.


Telekom Romania (Fixed) sale to Orange receives conditional approval from European Commission

Hellenic Telecommunications Organization S.A. (“OTE S.A.” or the “Company”) announces that on July 28, 2021 the European Commission (EC) approved conditionally, the agreement announced on November 9, 2020 between OTE and Orange Romania for the sale of the 54...