"Cloudy" prospects

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In the private field, “the cloud” is already well known. For example, many Internet users have a web mailbox, make phone calls via the Internet or store their documents online. However, in companies a “cloud” is also a good idea, for instance when ICT resources are getting tight or the costs cannot be borne. In this case, the flexible solution is cloud computing.

Cloud computing involves ICT services which can be leased from the web. T-Systems has been operating cloud computing for years worldwide under the name "Dynamic Services". Companies can use it to order or cancel additional IT resources at short notice in all the locations they require.

Dynamic Services can be integrated smoothly into any existing ICT environment, which means a high degree of investment security. T-Systems offers both experience and reliability in classic outsourcing with the flexibility options of the new IT generation. Beyond "traditional" cloud computing, T-Systems also integrates network services, applications and desktops. For all services, irrespective of whether they refer to network, data center or operations and maintenance of standard applications such as SAP, customers receive standardized end-to-end service levels. This means they can rely on their applications for high availability without a need for significant controls. Not least important is that companies can transform high fixed costs into variable costs and protect the environment by the resource-saving use of hardware and software.

T-Systems operates thousands of servers in around 70 data centers across the world. The company supports 1.5 million workplaces and solutions for the 400 largest customers of Telekom in more than 60 countries. In order to ensure the effectiveness of cloud services, T-Systems provides all the network resources and applications in standardized form. It also takes charge of order picking, installation, operation and updating of the applications and the required infrastructure (network access, devices etc.). Thus a comprehensive, web-based management of ICT is made possible.

A study by analysts IDC in May 2011 confirmed a top-class performance in the field of cloud computing and adds "T-Systems is the undisputed leader in private cloud computing in Europe."