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Ensuring Germany can #TAKEPART – Deutsche Telekom launches 5G network and smart speaker at IFA

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  • 5G launches in Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Bonn, and Darmstadt
  • 30 million fixed-network households with bandwidths of up to 250 Mbit/s
  • TÜV confirms market leader’s outstanding service quality
  • Best products – new mobile portfolio with 5G and more than double the data allowance
  • First smart speaker from Europe provides maximum data security
  • WLAN Paket plus” offers the best home network
Telekom launches innovative products and services at IFA

Ensuring Germany can #TAKEPART: Telekom launches innovative products and services at IFA.

One day before the Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) trade show opens its doors in Berlin, Deutsche Telekom has revealed an abundance of innovations at its media event on the exhibition grounds. Showcasing a hat trick of the “best networks, best products, and best services”, Michael Hagspihl, Head of Consumers at Telekom Deutschland, and Ferri Abolhassan, Telekom Deutschland’s Director of Service, provided a comprehensive overview of the innovative offerings and services from Europe’s leading telecommunications company. 

5G launch – coherent coverage areas rather than isolated symbolic reception

The 5G network of Deutsche Telekom is now operational in five German cities – Berlin, Bonn, Cologne, Darmstadt, and Munich. Hamburg and Leipzig are to follow before the year is up, with 20 of the largest cities in Germany set to benefit from 5G by the end of 2020. As IFA gets underway, a total of 129 5G antennae are transmitting genuine broadband 5G, that is, bandwidths of 1 Gbit/s and more. Some 66 antennae in Berlin’s Mitte district form the largest coherent 5G coverage area in Germany, at around six square kilometers. Deutsche Telekom is gradually expanding its 5G network clusters in these five major cities, so that larger areas can be served and not just isolated spots around individual antennae. The aim is to provide maximum coverage so customers can enjoy an optimized network.

Broadband – 30 million households with speeds of up to 250 Mbit/s

Deutsche Telekom is keen to defend its leading position in the fixed network, too. Its fiber-optic network is by far the largest in Germany, measuring well over 500,000 kilometers in length. As a result, more than 30 million households can now enjoy speeds from 50 Mbit/s to 250 Mbit/s, with some 1.1 million households even reaching 1 Gbit/s. “For the first time in many years, we have succeeded in surpassing the range of cable companies with a bandwidth of 50 megabits,” says Hagspihl.

Service – number of complaints more than halved in two years

Deutsche Telekom is also top of the leaderboard when it comes to service quality. In fact, the number of complaints has dropped by more than 50 percent over the past two years, as the certification body TÜV confirmed in its latest report. With around 30,000 employees, Deutsche Telekom’s service unit is one of the biggest service organizations in Europe. More than 270,000 contacts with customers are processed there every day, while Deutsche Telekom field staff carry out 40,000 daily deployments – 30,000 of these involving visits to the customer. The technician arrives on time in 98.5 percent of cases. “Our efforts are making a real impact, with top scores in many independent tests proving that’s the case. Our goal is to provide every customer with perfect service,” Abolhassan highlights.

New MagentaMobil plans offer even more surfing fun

At the exhibition grounds in Berlin, Telekom Deutschland also presented Deutsche Telekom’s brand-new MagentaMobil plans, which offer even more surfing fun on the best network. All plans have been topped up with StreamOn flat rates and an additional data allowance – and are ready for the 5G era. The data allowance on the MagentaMobil S plan is going up from 2.5 to 6 gigabytes (GB), from 5 to 12 GB on the MagentaMobil M plan, and from 10 to 24 GB for MagentaMobil L. Data is still unlimited on the MagentaMobil XL plan. MagentaMobil customers can use the new 5G mobile standard wherever it is available, provided they have a compatible handset. 

The new mobile plans are available from September 6 – MagentaMobil S for 39.95 euros, MagentaMobil M for 49.95 euros, MagentaMobil L for 59.95 euros, and MagentaMobil XL for 84.95 euros. Families will pay 10 euros less for the Family Card across all plans. Young people under the age of 28 can also save cash with MagentaMobil Young, which gives them a discount of 10.00 euros on all plans. All plans are also available with a smartphone for an additional fee.

Hallo Magenta – the first smart speaker made in Europe

The new Smart Speaker now also available from Deutsche Telekom can be purchased at the special price of 99 euros until October 31 (149.99 euros after that date). Alternatively, customers can take out a rental contract for 4.95 euros a month. The Smart Speaker turns a voice into a remote control. It is now possible to simply use voice commands to operate Deutsche Telekom offerings such as MagentaTV, Magenta SmartHome, and telephone services. Adjusting the lighting or temperature at home on demand to create the right mood is no problem, either. Using the remote control to search for a favorite TV series is now a thing of the past. The Smart Speaker even makes phoning a hands-free activity. Users can simply say the number out loud to make a call from their fixed-network line without any additional equipment.

Hagspihl explains: “The sales launch of the Deutsche Telekom Smart Speaker marks the first big step toward a new ecosystem for voice control. We are delighted that the first European smart speaker is now available for our customers to purchase or lease.” Developed in collaboration between Deutsche Telekom and Orange, the Smart Speaker provides maximum data security. Data is processed exclusively within the European Union and in compliance with the strict data protection standards of Deutsche Telekom. The device remains inactive until it hears the magic words “Hallo Magenta”. 

Home networking – optimum Wi-Fi thanks to expert advice and installation

To achieve the best home network, Deutsche Telekom is launching “WLAN Paket plus” – a new all-in-one package that offers comprehensive service for the best Wi-Fi. For 9.95 euros a month, this package offers everything customers need to set up a high-performance home network. On top of that there is the Deutsche Telekom “Wi-Fi promise”, which stands for comprehensive expert installation advice and support – on site, if necessary. “That’s exactly what our customers are looking for. Whether you’re talking to our call center team over the phone or a technician in your house, once we’re finished, your Wi-Fi will be up and running – guaranteed! We’re creating genuine added value for our customers that is unparalleled on the market,” says director of service Ferri Abolhassan.

The package includes two Speed Home Wi-Fi units that use mesh Wi-Fi technology to beam a wireless signal throughout the entire house. Also included is fully comprehensive service for all questions relating to home networking, with Deutsche Telekom experts on hand to help set up and optimize Wi-Fi either over the phone or via remote access. They ensure optimum reception, advise on where best to place the Speed Home Wi-Fi units, and help get them connected. If telephone support isn’t enough, a Deutsche Telekom Wi-Fi expert will make an on-site visit, if necessary. Other components in the package are the MeinMagenta app and a 90-day money-back guarantee.

“we care” – Deutsche Telekom is making sustainability visible for customers

Deutsche Telekom takes its responsibility for a more sustainable future seriously. To be even more transparent, the company is launching its “we care” sustainability label, which features two symbols that highlight contributions to the environment and digital participation. Deutsche Telekom is developing the label together with customers, interested parties, and experts. After all, the company is keen for everyone to #TAKEPART.

Deutsche Telekom will be awarding the “we care” label to Germany’s first sustainable smartphone recycling scheme. From November, customers can trade in their old smartphones without any hassle. The company will then restore selected devices so they are as good as new, replacing batteries and screens where necessary, for example. After that, the devices are to be wrapped in completely biodegradable packaging and return to the shelves. Some customers attach great importance to having a smartphone that’s in mint condition, but they don’t necessarily need the very latest model. Thanks to the smartphone recycling scheme, they can get their new device at an attractive price.  

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