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Deutsche Telekom offers AI protection for company cell phones

  • AI-supported technology checks apps for security and data protection 
  • Partner is the security specialist APPVISORY from Hanover
  • The lure of mobile money - hacker scene also targets mobile banking transactions
The picture displays a smartphone screen with various Apps and an AI logo in front of the screen.

Telekom protects company cell phones with AI. © Quelle: iStock / denkcreative und iStock / Tingting Ji

Apps are a security risk for business cell phones. If an app transmits unsecured or weakly encrypted data, hackers can intercept this information. Attackers use the programs as a gateway. They smuggle viruses, trojans or blackmail software into the company network. Last year, German network operators reported 15 million malware infections to the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

Deutsche Telekom is supporting business customers with a new service to defend against attacks on cell phones and tablets. The APPVISORY Secure App Check service automatically checks applications for security and data protection. A technology supported by artificial intelligence (AI) scans apps for vulnerabilities before and after installation.

App Check protects against infection in the company network.

The service detects malicious apps before they reach the device and the company network. This enables companies to find security vulnerabilities more quickly. They also reduce the risk of violating internal regulations or the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This applies to programs from public app stores as well as internal and proprietary company apps. Once the analysis has been completed, the technology provides information on how the customer can plug app holes. It also advises on how the app can be better protected in future.

AI supports cyber defense in real time.

Klaus Werner, Managing Director of Deutsche Telekom Business Customers, says: "The security of mobile workplaces doesn't allow for a break. The app landscape on service devices can no longer be patched manually in good time. We therefore rely on AI-supported solutions such as APPVISORY to support our customers with cyber defense in real time." APPVISORY CEO Sebastian Wolters says: "APPVISORY is now part of Deutsche Telekom's portfolio. Business customers can use the service quickly and easily. Together we are making mobile working more secure." 

Once the app has been successfully installed the new service does not stop working: it continues to monitor the app. The service warns customers if they are about to download a dangerous update.  They can then suppress the download. Conversely, the solution also orders updates if a patch is available for a security vulnerability. Further information

Company cell phones are a lucrative target: money, customer data, patents

Mobile service devices are increasingly becoming the target of cyber attacks. According to studies, a third of companies worldwide were already affected in 2020. One driver of this development is the home office. Since Covid, more people have been working from home with their mobile devices.

Payment apps on company smartphones are another factor. Nine out of ten Germans paid with an app in 2022, according to the industry association BITKOM. The lure of mobile money is getting louder and louder in the hacker scene: the BSI calculates that 69% of all spam emails in 2022 were fraud or phishing attacks. In nine out of ten cases, the attackers were targeting banking transactions.

According to BITKOM data, almost every second attack in 2022 targeted company customer data. One in three attacks involved cloud access data. One in four companies reported the loss of critical business information such as market analyses and employee data. One in five hackers hunted patents.

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