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CarConnect adapter transforms any car into a hotspot on wheels

  • New at Deutsche Telekom: more Internet access and more motoring safety
  • CarConnect turns even older cars into smart vehicles
  • Now available at only one euro.

CarConnect Adapter.

Brand new cars are not the only vehicles that can be connected and made smarter. The CarConnect adapter and the smartphone app that accompanies it are now available and can turn cars built in 2006 or later into connected cars, equipping them to provide services such as:

  • Surfing and streaming as if you were at home. The adapter’s integrated SIM card transforms your car into a hotspot on wheels. It comes complete with a 10-GB data allowance.
  • Knowing what's going on around you. Providing data on the vehicle's status (including battery charge, error codes, etc.), notification if your car has been stolen or bumped into, information on where the car is parked.
  • Real-time vehicle tracking – watch your car's route unfold as it travels (it can show both current and previous routes taken), notifying you of its safe arrival if requested.

Unti December 31, 2017 the CarConnect adapter will be available at the special price of one euro only from all Deutsche Telekom shops and online at After that date it will sell at 49.95 euros. The CombiCard Car 10 with 10 GB of data included costs 9.95 euros per month (EU roaming included). Users will need to have a MagentaMobil contract.

The adapter is simply inserted into the on-board diagnostics socket (OBD-2) of your car, which is usually located on the left under the steering wheel. You can download the CarConnect App for iOS or Android smartphones for free from your App or Android-Store. You're ready to roll as soon as the download is complete.

You can check whether your car is compatible with the CarConnect solution at

“What makes our package unique is that it combines providing vehicle data with creating a hotspot in your car. We’re not just giving owners of older models the chance to make their vehicle smart, we’re also effectively giving them a hotspot on wheels. That is a particularly interesting prospect for families. Surfing and streaming can now be simple and inclusive in the car, too,” explains Michael Hagspihl, head of Consumers at Telekom Deutschland.

CarConnect is based on the technical solution created by Canadian start-up Mojio. "The launch of CarConnect is a decisive milestone in our partnership with Deutsche Telekom," said Kenny Hawk, CEO of Mojio. "With CarConnect our customers get all the convenicence of a Wifi hotspot in their car. On top of that they will also have true ownership of their car, because they will have access to all vehicle data, giving them the information they need to decide on their driving behavior, on vehicle servicing needs and on family safety issues."

By the way: CarConnect has been certified by Germany's top testing center, TÜV (Rheinland). In addition, Deutsche Telekom has just been awarded the 2017 readers' award for Car Connectivity in the category of best automotive mobile network for the fourth time in a row by auto motor sport and CHIP magazines.

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